As social impact leaders, we love all the amazing volunteers we’ve worked with over the years.

Measuring the depth and breadth of the impact they have on our communities is – Well, we just wouldn’t be able to do it justice!

What do our volunteers truly mean to us?

We think it’s so important to ponder this question OFTEN because these amazing people contribute their time, energy, and passion to our causes.

Here are just 3 ways in which volunteers bring IMMENSE value to our nonprofits:

1. Fostering Deep Connections With the Community –  Our volunteers come from such diverse backgrounds, they have a valuable sphere of influence to help nonprofits build lasting relationships with people outside our immediate circles. We like to think of it as interconnected hexagons in a beautiful beehive to gradually grow, build, and thrive in our social connections together. 

2. Raising Funds – Volunteers even serve as fundraisers! Fidelity Charitable found that 87% of volunteers also financially support the causes they volunteer at. They truly put their money where their heart is.

3. Setting Strategic Direction – One of the most important ways volunteers add value is through their leadership and governance efforts. Volunteers who’ve been with your nonprofit for a while play a vital part in the planning, decision-making, and administrative process. For instance, they could provide their expertise in accounting, taking minutes for meetings, planning local events, and much more.

To pay this amazing kindness forward, it is incumbent on us as social impact leaders to take care of our own. To make sure our volunteers feel comfortable, safe, welcome, and cherished. To have their voices heard in our efforts to transform our communities.

How do you create the necessary structure, strategy, and environment to help them and all the other valuable members of your team thrive? 

Our Frame Up For Funding program can give you the confidence to get there!

These are weekly classes that help you figure out where your organization stands in the spectrum of growth. You will discover the infrastructure, communication techniques, value proposition, and much more to empower your team, your community, and your mission.

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