When I think about Board engagement, I immediately think about communication. Communication is key! Having a detailed plan with your board leads to engagement and effectiveness.

Members need to be able to collaborate, not only at meetings, but in between meetings. There are many tools that you can use to communicate with your board outside of emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Here are some options for communication: Slack, virtual meetings like Zoom, Google (messaging and virtual meetings), Boardable, and Microsoft Teams.

You can also host events for your board and key team members to increase communication and promote connection. You could also consider hosting an annual retreat that would include trainings, team building, and relaxing/fun events or outings on an on-going basis.

Evaluating Board performance and providing feedback on a regular basis is another way to increase communication with your Board members. Assessments can measure how well your members are handling their responsibilities as well as how they engage with investors and the rest of your team.

Different assessments you could utilize would be self evaluations, peer-to-peer assessments, Executive Director evaluations, and finally third party assessments. You can find more about the different kinds of assessments here:


I feel that communication and engagement with your Board is so important to create those special connections, promote your organization’s mission, and increase your social impact. It’s not only important for your organization, ongoing communication allows you to connect with your board on a basic human level – to really get to know them, their passion and why they share your mission!

What are some ways that you are increasing communication and engagement with your Board?

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