What is your nonprofit’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

From an outsider’s perspective, this is a promise of the VALUE that will be experienced or delivered throughyour organization.

In essence, it is a memorable statement that lets your donors, volunteers, clients, employees, and the community know:

  • WHAT is your Mission Statement
  • WHO do you serve?
  • WHAT services/programs do you provide
  • WHAT is your organization’s impact (outcomes/measurements)
  • WHAT is your organization’s Return on Investment

How do you go about formulating your UVP? Begin with the fundamental question most donors ask before choosing who to support:

“Why should I give to your nonprofit?”

Could you answer this succinctly? If you can, that means you have a STELLAR Unique Value Proposition!

Your UVP is the ‘force’ behind your fundraising message. It gets prospective donors and funders to say ‘YES’ to your cause! So how do you formulate your Unique Value Proposition? Think about:

  • Who you’re being compared to: Figure out who potential donors and funders are giving to/considering giving to. Sometimes this can be as simple as asking them via a survey or focus group.
  • What your strengths are: What stands out about your nonprofit to your current donors and funders?
  • How your strengths compare to other nonprofits: How many strengths do you have in common? And how many can you lay a unique claim to?
  • The deeper value behind your differentiating strengths: Once you have your differentiating strengths, try figuring out the deeper meaning behind them. More specifically, how will those differences be of VALUE to your donors and stakeholders.

Studies have shown that a strong Unique Value Proposition on your donor page can lift revenue by as much as 8,000%. That’s significant!

A good UVP can shine a light on your mission, impact, offerings, and value to attract potential donors and funders!

Did you have any questions about formulating your UVP? Please share in the comments or message us. We would love to have a conversation with you!