Frame Up For Funding 2024

No Money. No Mission.

That’s the reality for Nonprofit Leaders unless they acquire the tools to MAXIMIZE their revenue, sustainably GROW their organization, and SCALE their community impact.

Now you can, in just 12 weeks,
with Frame Up For Funding

There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. alone, but the fact is approximately 30% of them won’t make it past the 10-year mark.

There is a solution…

Welcome to

Frame Up For Funding

Frame Up For Funding is a 12-week intensive online program designed to give nonprofit leaders a proven framework to ignite and diversify their funding and scale their social impact by adopting a proven model for continued growth and long-term sustainability.

During the program, you will:

  Create a realistic monetary goal that you can achieve in 12 weeks

  Conduct productive and profitable donor conversations to raise the money needed to achieve your monetary goal

  Create and implement a plan to build out and develop your Board of Directors and engage its members in fundraising

  Construct programs that produce outcomes funders want to see

Our next cohort starts on July 18th and is open to only 10 organizations so that we can give you the highly personalized attention you deserve.

(But hurry! Our last cohort filled in record time.)

Frame Up for Funding is NOW CFRE-certified!

Full participation in Frame Up for Funding is applicable for 15 points in Category 1.B – Education of the Certified Fundraising Executive International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

"It's a very well-rounded course that provides a deep dive into the world of fundraising as well as all the tools to succeed."

"Frame Up for Funding has given me the confidence to go outside of my comfort zone and to take risks, without even realizing it, the ‘ask’ just happens!”

"This has been a joy. I went from knowing nothing about fundraising to being able to understand what it means to run a nonprofit in this sense."

"Kathy and Brad, your insights and experiences have given me the knowledge to relate with Board members and donors in an entirely different manner. I've been so program-focused that I lost sight of what keeps our programs operating - funding.”

"I really like the cohort model where we were able to connect with other nonprofits that are in various stages of the growth cycle. I've learned a lot from them as well as Kathy and Brad."

Here’s What to Expect

Your Frame Up For Funding Program includes a Jumpstart call and 12 75-minute interactive, action-oriented instructional and work sessions with Kathy and Brad. All sessions are recorded and available for reviewing, downloading, and sharing with your board and staff.

Focus + Action = Results!

That is why this program is designed to give you actionable steps to reach your organization’s goals using the same strategies and templates that helped 72 organizations just like yours raise over $5 million during the 12-week training.

Each week’s activities are designed to help your nonprofit generate MORE income and GROW its social impact.

Receive a step-by-step action plan to scale your funding and create a sustainable nonprofit organization.

Apply proven templates and strategies in your organization to jumpstart your fundraising quickly.

Swap real-world insights with a strong community of peers who are engaged in similar work.

The Weekly Overview

Week 1: Foundations

Understand the Nonprofit Lifecycle Curve and your true costs of doing business. Then formulate your Value Proposition and Elevator Pitch to position yourself for fundraising success.

Week 2: Annual Budget

Create a realistic budget for your organization based on your goals so you know how much you need to raise and build a fund development plan that ensures sustainability to advance your vision and mission.

Week 3: Program Outcomes + Social Return on Investment

Determine the program outcomes you will measure to show funders how participants benefited as a result of your activities and how your program has created change in your community.

Week 4: Current Donor Conversations

Harness your current donors by designing Donor Conversations to gain feedback, deepen relationships, and make your fundraising efforts even more effective.

Week 5: Reaching Out to New Donors

Use the Power of One to help your organization stand out, connect new donors with the mission of your organization, and compile a list of ideal potential donors.

Week 6: Marketing Strategy

Create your marketing game plan for reaching people passionate about your cause and turning them into donors ready to invest in your organization.

Week 7: Board Development

Discover how to build a board that matches your fundraising needs and leverages board members as ambassadors for your organization to grow your funding.

Week 8: Fund Mapping

Create your Fund Development Plan by mapping out past and future funding opportunities, identifying gaps, and diversifying your income for increased funding and sustainability.

Week 9: Corporate Philanthropy

Discover the Power of Corporate Philanthropy and how matching gifts, volunteer hours, and more can boost your fundraising.

Week 10: Grants

Learn tips to identify and successfully apply for grants and position your organization for more grant funding to scale your programs and increase your community impact.

Week 11: Marketing Video

Create a powerful marketing video to engage your audience, build trust, tell your organization’s story, and increase your reach.

Week 12: Celebration

What gets measured gets done. This week we celebrate your accomplishments, the seeds you’ve sown, and review your plans for future success.

Set Up Your
Complimentary Call

Once you complete this form, you’ll receive an email to schedule your complimentary discovery session. We’ll discuss your organization and how our program can accelerate your impact, funding, and sustainability.

Hurry, we’re starting on July 18th!

Frame Up For Funding is a perfect fit for…

  A nonprofit ready to build sustainable revenue

  An established social change organization stuck in the growth phase

  A mature agency struggling to reinvent and continue its impact

  An Executive Director/CEO striving to scale your nonprofit’s impact in the community

  An organization striving to demonstrate a social return on investment and value-driven work

Frame Up For Funding Gets Results

Funding raised by 72 organizations during the 12-week training = $5 Million

  94% of our previous participants confirm this training has helped them feel more comfortable having conversations with existing and potential donors regarding their giving.

  94% report that the tools and resources received from this training have increased their funding.

  96% report having a better understanding of the importance of unrestricted funds.

  89% report a better understanding of the different types of nonprofit costs (program vs. overhead/administrative) and how to seek different types of funding for each. 

  94% report the Nonprofit Life Cycle Curve allowed them to identify what stage of development their organization is in and what areas need focus and attention to grow.

  85% report having a better understanding of their organization’s readiness to apply for grants from foundations and corporations.

  94% report an increased use of social media (LinkedIn and Facebook).

  98% report having a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities needed from a successful board of directors.

100% of participants report that they would recommend this training to other nonprofits.

Meet Our Frame Up Graduates

Training Changed Our Trajectory Forever

“Kathy and Brad Lambert are amazing! Their ability to impart their knowledge, experiences, and now their type of training has forever changed our trajectory. Their kindness, friendship, and mentoring have been extraordinary. I so look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with the Lamberts and Frame Up for Funding. I highly recommend this program to all people who run nonprofits or are thinking of creating a nonprofit. Many thanks for the blessings you have brought us, Kathy and Brad, as well as the continued support.”

A Worthwhile Investment for Nonprofit Leaders

“Frame up for Funding is a worthwhile investment for nonprofit leaders to build and expand their organization and broaden their reach in their respective communities. Brad & Kathy are knowledgeable and competent in this field and a delight to learn from.”

Much-Needed and Useful Information

“I appreciate the enthusiasm of the leaders and their desire to see other nonprofits succeed and the connections that I made through this workshop. I also really enjoyed the guest speakers that were brought in to enhance the course. It was really filled with a lot of much-needed and useful information. I’ve already referred this program to others that are in the industry who are building their businesses.

My Nonprofit Is Growing

“I appreciated the weekly classes, the accountability, the knowledge, and wisdom shared among all of us. My nonprofit is growing and with this class, it can grow in a well-mannered fashion. The one-on-ones with Kathy and Brad were beneficial to the growth and looking forward to where we will be in the future.”

Meet Your Coaches

We’re Kathy and Brad Lambert, and collectively we bring over 50 years of nonprofit experience to help YOU scale your organization’s impact and revenue – while doing what you love.

We spent 23 years growing our nonprofit, Connections to Success, into a program operating in 7 states with 13 membership sites before stepping down as COO and CEO and founding KBL Impact Partners, LLC.

We know the challenges nonprofits experience and have developed a proven system that allows organizations to generate MORE income with LESS effort!

During our 12 weeks together, we’ll be sharing the exact strategies and templates we used at our previous nonprofit organization to raise over $44M during our time there. These are the same strategies and templates we used to help 72 organizations raise over $5 Million in our live training cohorts.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation call and see how our next Frame Up For Funding cohort can help your nonprofit.

Questions We Get Asked

How do I enroll?
We conduct interviews with each organization accepted into the cohort to ensure that it is a good fit. Simply CLICK HERE to reserve your complimentary consultation.
I have an established nonprofit, will this training be too elementary for me?

Frame Up For Funding is great for mature organizations stuck in the growth phase, struggling to reinvent to continue their impact and build their sustainability revenue, striving to demonstrate a social return on investment and value-driven work, or wishing to bring new fundraising staff members up to speed.

I have a new nonprofit, will this training be too advanced for me?

If you have a new nonprofit, the strategies you learn in this training will help you build a strong foundation to propel you to the future. You will discover support for building a structure that will sustain your nonprofit for long-term growth.

Why do you limit the number of participants?

This training is very hands-on and personalized. We want to be able to provide the 1:1 attention that each of our organizations deserves.

If I don’t make it for this cohort, will I have another chance?

As the popularity of this training has grown, we fill each cohort very quickly. We offer the training quarterly, so if you do not get into the current cohort, we recommend asking to be put on our waitlist.

Does Frame Up for Funding count toward the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) certification?

Yes! Full participation in Frame Up for Funding is applicable for 15 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

(Before all 10 spots are filled!)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead