Frame Up For Funding

Did You Know?

58% of wealthy donors say they would give more if they could determine the impact of their donations

Over 65% of Foundations fund less than 50% of applications received

Approximately 30% of Nonprofits in existence today will not exist after 10 years

Kathy and Brad Lambert have a proven track record of incorporating strategic partnerships in scaling their organization’s impact and increasing revenue, and you can learn now to do the same!

What is Frame Up for Funding?

Frame Up for Funding is a 12-week intensive class designed to provide you with a number of proven strategies to generate more income. This is a program of action and offers you the environment and structure to focus on raising funds using the strategies and templates we’ve used to jump start our fundraising quickly. It’s all about action and conversations. You need to be ready to focus on the activities necessary to increase your influence and funds for your Organization.

During the course, Brad and Kathy Lambert share their inside experience and proven revenue generating model. This course is for you if:

You are a change agent at a non-profit in need of support with structure and funding (You can’t have one without the other!)

You are an established social change organization in the growth phase, but just can’t get to the next level

As a mature organization, you are struggling to reinvent in order to continue your impact

Frame Up for Funding will demonstrate each week what you need to do to make your organization more viable and bring in more revenue than you ever have before. You will learn the secrets of using online marketing (social media and email). You will create a work plan that you can repeat each week.

This intensive training will stretch you and move you out of your comfort zone. It takes proven strategies and aligns them in a step-by-step system to ensure results.

What you can expect:

12-week virtual class

1 hour each week

Cohort model of up to 10 organizations (Two people/organization)

Includes up to 2 one-on-one sessions with each organization

Complimentary offerings: Webinars of Guest Speakers (“Ask the Experts”)

Toolkit filled with resources, templates, assessments, articles and other subject matter materials

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from the experts at KBL Impact Partners – Join the next Frame Up for Funding class today!

"This Class is Empowering! Frame Up weekly lessons in infrastructure, social media, builing the value proposition and defining our ROI have been key!"

Kathie Thomas – Hope Creates

“I made two $50,000 asks this week. I truly do not think I would have the confidence or the courage to reach out to these two organizations if it weren't for Frame Up for Funding and this is the confidence that Kathy and Brad have given me to keep moving. Thank you!”

Barb Fitzgerald, VP of Development, Hillcrest Transitional Housing

“Frame Up for Funding was very helpful in figuring out where our organization is on the spectrum of growth. Also, the program was more rigorous than I anticipated at the onset. It made me recognize that I need more support as an ED if we are truly going to scale and grow the organization and our mission.”

Tonya H. Allen, Founder/Executive Director, Diane’s Heart

Our Clients

Thank you, Kathy and Brad! Within the past 4 weeks, Frame up for Funding has helped us raised more money than any other 4 week period.

Karen Hoffman, CEO/Founder
Gateway to Dreams


Organizations ready to build sustainability and increasing revenue.

Executive Directors building and/or strengthening their organizational partnerships with other nonprofits, government agencies and funders.

Presidents and Executive Directors striving to scale their organization’s impact in the community.

Nonprofit and government professionals striving to demonstrate a return on investment and value-driven work.


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead