Frame Up Graduates

We are proud to highlight the many wonderful organizations that have completed Frame Up For Funding. They are making a huge impact in the nonprofit world. 

Hillcrest Ministries is on a mission to solve homelessness by helping people reclaim their life situations and regain their self-sufficiency.

Purpose Earth’s mission is to fund and mentor purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges.

Dress For Success is on a mission to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty. 

A Red Circle is committed to providing sustained, focused attention to the racial equity issues that impact North St. Louis County.

International Access to Missions is dedicated to facilitating humanitarian, educational and religious missions throughout the world.

Boys & Girls Clubs mssion is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Tech With Heart provides an innovative, nurturing, learning environment for students and entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally by embracing technology

Diane’s Heart Provides a support system to single mothers and their children through education, financial resources and more to better their lives.

Crime Victim Center purpose is to empower those impacted by crime to move from crisis to resiliency with the belief that everyone has a right to live a life free from violence

Yuppy Puppies is on a mission to give orphaned pets a second chance. With their main focus being on displaced pets due to their deceased owners.

Hope Creates mission is to empower young adults in recovery from addiction, through a vibrant sober community, and development of entrepreneurial business skills.

Sickel Cell Association helps to diminish suffering and improve the quality of life for those individuals affected by sickle cell disease through research, educations and resources.

Imagery serves to be the empowering catalyst to and for women on their journey to being their true authentic self.

InspireEmpower works to promote healthy living and long-term stability for New Mexicans in career and education.

Alleluia Baskets provides fun filled Easter baskets to children in economically challenged areas.

Annie Malone works to improve the quality of life for children, families,  and the community by providing social services, education and advocacy.

Connections to Success inspires families to realize their dreams and achieve economic independence by providing hope, resources and a plan.

Gateway to Dreams’ Mission is to inspire action and give voice and clarity to the dreams of individual.

KHAOS, Inc is geared toward helping individuals learn how to Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles (khaos) through groups.

St. Louis ArtWorks works to enrich the lives of the region’s youth by providing art education, essential job skill training, and more.

Valeda’s Hope helps women navigate through the breast cancer process from Mammogram to survivorship and educate women on health issues.

Boys 2 MenTORRs provides mentoring that will teach a young man everything from financial literacy to conflict resolution to how to tie a tie.

Zen Horse supports the healing and empowerment of both humans and horses who have experienced trauma, by working in partnership.

Home Sweet Home gives under-served families a sense of pride and to improve the quality of their lives by providing basic household furnishings.

Commuity Counsil of St. Charles brings together people, organizations and resources to build a stronger, healthier community.

EYC Academy provides a learning environment which fosters critical thinking and prepares students to be productive members of their communities.

I Define ME Movement brings self awareness to women, girls and men defining who they are in a society that does NOT define us.

Focus on home’s mission is to help families in need integrate into a healthy family lifestyle.

All Roads To Success provides hope, resources, social services, professional attire and more  to help individuals and families thrive in all areas of life.

The mission of HenRose Cares, Inc is to assist students from underserved communities who are facing financial barriers with support.

Little Bit helps to breakdown barriers to learning for students living in poverty through programs that serve the needs of the whole child.

More Than Enough Ministries works to educate, empower and equip Christian families to provide for vulnerable children around the world!

She IsThe Universe offer girls the support they need to stand in their own stories and to pursue their dreams, through storytelling, mentorship and community

Youth Exposure Sports Foundation helps student-athletes balance their studies and Offering education and mentorship programs, to address any student-athlete needs.

Transitional Treatement Services mission is to provide women with the opportunity and tools to succeed in their journey of sobriety.

7 Bell’s mission is to make the power and healing of Jesus Christ known through crisis help/prayer.

Backpack to Briefcase helps to foster the college student’s transition from student to young professional.

CASA’s mission is to provide a voice in court for victims of child abuse and neglect in Mesa County.

Food For His Children provides resources and faith, hope and love, families and their communities become all God created them to be.

Playmakers In The Faith helps spread the Gospel worldwide and help connect people to a place of fellowship.

Butterfly Beginnings’ mission is to provide education, awareness, resources and support to breast cancer patients.

My 180 Youth Program, Inc. is dedicated to helping youth achieve well-being through mentoring relationships.

Ozark Vitality builds partnerships to create a better place to live, work and play in The Ozarks.

Starfish Initiative inspires and prepares students from vulnerable populations for college, career, and life success through mentoring.

Habitat for Humanity puts God’s love into action, bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

Miriam empowers unique learners by building confidence and a foundation for success.

Queen of Resilience teaches women how to be resilient by increasing Mental Health Awareness, Mentorship, and Professional Development.

Fresh Harvest 365 provides Education + Employment = Empowerment of the next generation of agricultural and community leaders.

Reaching Out From Within offers an opportunity for a “whole person” transformation for incarcerated individuals who want to make lasting changes.

Dream Builders 4 Equity develops economically sustainable and socially engaged communities by growing equity for youth, businesses, residents, and real estate.

Tower of Hope Ministries helps people triumph gloriously over trauma through research knowledge and faith-based strategies.

Mothers UpLifting Community provides compassionate support, resources, and hope to children who have lost their mother.

ALSAC/St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital’s mission is make a difference in the lives of children worldwide with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Love Like Jackson provides resources to families who have experienced child loss. They aim to help children through the experience with as little lasting trauma as possible.

The Covering advocates and provides males with the tools and resources to be the nucleus of their family.

Hannah’s House empowers disadvantaged pregnant women to begin a process of life transformation.

Bridge 2 Hope helps to connect, equip, and engage underrepresented parents and caregivers to advocate for a quality education for all children.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead