As you approach year-end giving, take your fundraising strategy to a whole new level by leveraging the magic of Employee Matching Gifts!

As a nonprofit leader, the end of the year is an exciting time for so many reasons – yet we know it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to fundraising. Here’s a little secret: Starting your year-end fundraising plan NOW will set you up for success in the holiday season!

Making A Plan

Follow these 3 steps to get started with your planning:

1. Reflect and Design Your Goal ✨ Start by assessing where you stand in relation to your budget, and use this checkpoint to shape your fundraising goal. Is your goal to meet your budget, go beyond, or allocate funds to a specific project?

2. Be Goal-Oriented ✨ Craft a year-end campaign with clear, specific objectives. Goals drive action, and setting targets for new donors and project funding creates a roadmap for success.

3. Engage Your Donors Thoughtfully ✨ Some of our favorite ways include:

🌟 Existing Donors: Elevate your game! Set your sights on a 10% year-over-year increase in donation amounts for current donors.

🌟 New Donors: Roll out the welcome mat! Reach out directly through social media, newsletters, and email campaigns.

🌟 Recurring Gifts: Nurture the spirit of giving year-round. Encourage regular contributions that sustain your cause.

And as you engage your donors – remember this important statistic: 84% of donors said that they would donate if they knew their donation would be matched.


Employee Matching Gifts

In the ever-evolving landscape of giving, corporate generosity has taken center stage, reaching an amazing $21.08 billion in 2022 – a 3.4% increase from 2021. While there are many ways to engage in Corporate Philanthropy, the Employee Matching Gift Program shines as a beacon of potential, offering an avenue for your nonprofit to amplify its year-end fundraising strategy and drive your mission further.

How It Works

It’s easy!

An employee checks if their company offers a matching gift program, then makes a donation to your nonprofit. Once they’ve donated, they fill out an online form provided by their company, and voilΓ  – the company’s contribution matches the employee’s gift, doubling the impact!

Untapped Potential

According to Double the Donation, around $4-10 billion in matching gift revenue goes unclaimed each year – mostly because employees forget that matching gifts are available! It’s time to remind your donors and seize this golden opportunity. ✨

Unleashing the Benefits

The benefits of matching gift programs extend far beyond doubling financial contributions:

  • Motivation for Donors: As we mentioned before, a staggering 84% of donors say they would increase their contribution if they knew it would be matched.
  • Heightened Generosity: More than half (51%) of donors are inclined to give a larger gift when they’re aware of their employer’s matching gift program.
  • Doubling Impact: One in three donors would consider doubling their donation if they knew a matching opportunity was available.

Take Action

Now that you know the benefits – the next step is to implement matching gifts into your fundraising strategy!

Integrate Matching Gifts: Make matching gifts a seamless part of your year-long strategy, not just during the holidays.

Spread the Word: Shout about matching gifts everywhere – your website, social media, emails, blogs, and even when you speak at events.

Harness Your Board: Empower your board members to champion matching gifts and see the magic happen!

Thank and Acknowledge: Always express gratitude to donors and their companies for their contributions, both when the request is made and when funds are received. Double the appreciation, double the impact!

As you approach your end-of-year giving planning – and add employee matching gifts to your strategy – keep in mind that the positive energy of giving is contagious!

As you’re inspiring others to give, you are planting seeds of happiness! 🌱

With just one act of kindness, you can inspire others to go out and plant seeds of happiness through giving! 😍

Have you had success with Employee Matching Gifts? Please share below and reach out with any questions!