Happy New Year! Now what? 🥴 

After the holiday excitement, January can feel challenging to get back into high gear.  Though activities and donations may slow down, now is the ideal time to reset your intentions and welcome a month full of possibilities for your nonprofit!

Instead of burrowing into hibernation, let’s ignite the spark of JOY within your mission and embrace the JOURNEY ahead. 

Use January to…

⭐ Spark happiness in yourself by celebrating small wins! Did you finally secure that grant meeting? High five! Every victory, big or small, deserves recognition.

⭐ Spread joy to your team and volunteers by showing them appreciation publicly! Thank your volunteers and staff on social media, in meetings, and with handwritten notes.

⭐ Embrace the journey by remembering that slow times and setbacks are a part of the story! Take this time as an opportunity to learn, grow and adapt.

January offers a unique opportunity as a month to renew your focus and reignite your passion. Use these three fundamental ways to create JOY, PURPOSE, and PROGRESS in yourself and your nonprofit! 

  1. Cultivate Relationships

While you may feel a lag in your fundraising efforts, don’t mistake this lull for a time to hibernate until Spring! 

Instead, think of January as a fertile seedbed for nurturing the most important things in your nonprofit…


During our time at Connections To Success, we made the most of this month by strengthening and cherishing our connections with our amazing team and partners. 

This is when we organized a staff and board retreat, enjoyed team-building activities, reflected on our achievements, and set exciting goals for the future. It was a time of bonding and growth for all of us and a perfect way to set ourselves up for success for the whole year!

This year, we challenge you to turn the January lull into a powerful launchpad by investing in the power of your connections with your team, volunteers, and donors!

  1. Find Your Stride

The truth is, mid-to-end of January can feel a bit overwhelming. Resolutions are expiring, inboxes are overflowing, and there’s pressure to hit the ground running at breakneck speed to make this year even better than the last. 

Yet, for nonprofits, this frenetic pace can often lead to burnout and missed opportunities.

This year, let’s do things differently! 

Recognize that it’s not a race – it’s a marathon to your nonprofit’s goals. 

Instead of bolting towards the finish line as if it’s a 50-yard dash, embrace a long-distance pace, find your comfortable stride, and run at a sustainable tempo in 2024.

Ditch the “to-do” list and embrace a “to-BE” mindset. Focus on your nonprofit’s long-term vision. What kind of impact do you want to have in the world?

Build a strong support network. Surround yourself with fellow nonprofit leaders who understand your challenges and can cheer you on. Our Facebook group is a wonderful resource of like-minded individuals!

Focus on progress, not perfection. Celebrate small wins and learn from setbacks. Remember, progress, not perfection, is the key to long-term success.

  1. Dream Big, Plan Boldly

As we step into the uncharted territory of a brand new year, we challenge you to embrace the power of Dreaming and Planning to bring new success!

Don’t think of January as just another month. It’s a blank slate awaiting the vibrant steps of our goals, hopes, and aspirations. 

Dreaming fuels your nonprofit’s innovation! It’s the spark that ignites change and offers you the possibility to shape those visions into reality. Nonprofits, your dreams are the heartbeat of the impact we strive to create. 

Planning is the roadmap to success! It transforms dreams into actionable steps, turning the abstract into achievable milestones. Channeling your passion into strategic plans will pave the way for a year of meaningful impact in your nonprofit. 

Are you ready to turn those vibrant dreams into concrete action and find JOY in your nonprofit’s Journey? 

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