58% of donors say they would give more if they could determine the impact of their donations.

And helping them determine the impact of their donations boils down to…strategic marketing!

Now here’s the key question…How exactly do we draw out a strong enough engagement that makes them go, “YES!” to our cause?

Think about 3 key vehicles that could very powerfully relay your marketing message. We’ve found the following to be tried and true:

Value Proposition:

This contains valuable information for donor communications, grants, marketing materials, and more.

Elevator Pitch:

Your 30-sec pitch for those chance encounters when somebody gives you the opportunity to share a little bit about your agency. 

Marketing One-Pagers:

A crisp, powerful page of information to have with you at all times. This is great to share at meetings, and give to board members and volunteers.

Have these 3 pieces handy whenever you plan to attend a networking event, fundraising event, or at any point where you are likely to meet your key donors.

In the past, we’ve met our wonderful donors in the unlikeliest of places. It pays to always be prepared. Don’t rule anything out!

How to Turn Your Value Proposition Into Your Marketing Message

As nonprofit leaders, our marketing message is SO incredibly important, wouldn’t you agree?

Not just what’s in it, but also how we outline it for our ideal donors to help them get the message faster and easier.

Before you make your “Ask”, create an engaging build-up for your donors. Frame your message along these lines:

  • “We have a solution to one of society’s greatest social problems”
  • “We have outcomes and proven evidence that our program has an impact”
  • “We need your financial support to continue this important work”

Following this, it’s very important to build your credibility – Share how you have experience in creating these types of environments!

To overcome objections:

  • Share what happens if they don’t do it, i.e. Need increases.
  • Share what happens if they do it; i.e. Lives are changed.

Once you knock these out of the park, it’s time to make your “Ask”! Be specific and reiterate how their donation will change lives!

Would you like some support in creating these amazing results for your organization?

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