The statistics surrounding year-end giving are amazing!

According to the 2023 M+R Benchmarks Report, December giving accounts for 26% of annual nonprofit revenue. And Forbes reports that 10% of nonprofit revenue is received in the last THREE DAYS of the year!

With these statistics in mind, the real question is… Have you started your year-end fundraising plan yet?

We know it may seem early, but NOW is the time to set your nonprofit up for year-end fundraising success. πŸŽ‰

And as you begin planning your end-of-year campaign, be sure that your Board of Directors plays a central role in your funding strategy!

Your board isn’t just a group of talented, passionate individuals. They’re the secret weapon that holds the key to skyrocketing your impact and fundraising!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas on how to involve your board in year-end giving:

  1. Lead by Example: Board members can set the tone by making personal donations to the campaign themselves and getting their companies involved.  Their visible commitment sends a strong message to other donors and supporters.
  2. Create a Matching Challenge: The board can pledge to match a certain amount of donations made during the campaign. This provides an incentive for donors to give, knowing their contributions will be doubled.
  3. Host 3rd party Fundraising Events: Board members can organize or host fundraising events, such as Happy Hour, House Parties, Brown Bag lunches at the office, and virtual events. Their connections and influence can help attract attendees and sponsors.
  4. Leverage Their Networks: Board members often have extensive networks. They can reach out to their contacts, friends, and colleagues to make introductions and ask for donations.
  5. Share Personal Stories: Individual board members can share their personal connections to the organization’s mission and impact. This can create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential donors.
  6. Use Social Media and Outreach: Board members can utilize their social media platforms to promote the campaign, share updates, and encourage their followers to contribute. They can even hold their own Facebook fundraiser!
  7. Engage in Outreach: Board members can personally contact your nonprofit’s current donors, supporters, and potential sponsors to share the great work the organization is doing and its importance.
  8. Provide Testimonials: Members can share testimonials about the organization’s work and impact, emphasizing why the end-of-year campaign is important! You can use the testimonials in your marketing of the End of Year campaign (and throughout the year as well).
  9. Thank Donors: Board members can personally thank donors for their contributions, which helps build donor relationships. In January, after the year-end fundraising campaign has ended, you can even have a celebration thank-a-thon where everyone comes together to call and thank donors!
  10. Build Campaign Messaging: Board members can contribute to the creation of the year-end campaign’s messaging and communication strategy, giving their feedback and input to make it more compelling and persuasive. It can be as simple as wordsmithing or proofreading – or if you have a marketing professional on your Board, it can go even deeper!
  11. Advocate for Matching Gifts: Encourage board members to inquire whether their employers offer matching gift programs, which can amplify the impact of their donations.  
  12. Provide Strategic Direction: The board can provide strategic input and guidance on the campaign’s goals, target audience, and overall approach.

As the campaign is taking place, be sure to regularly update your board on its progress, milestones achieved, and adjustments needed. Knowing the impact of their work will help keep board members engaged and motivated!

And as the campaign concludes, be sure to acknowledge their efforts. Everyone likes to be recognized! Bycelebrating board members’ contributions and achievements throughout the campaign, they’ll be more likely to stay engaged in the future!

By actively involving your Board of Directors in your end-of-year fundraising, you can tap into their collective skills, influence, and networks to enhance your holiday giving campaign’s reach and success!

Remember: NOW is the time to spark a culture of philanthropy with your Board that starts with year-end giving – and continues all year long!

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