Kathy Lambert is an experienced motivational speaker and social impact strategist.

She is the co-founder of Connections to Success; a non-profit that Inspires families to realize their dreams and achieve economic independence by providing hope, resources and a plan. With a 25-year career in business and philanthropy, Kathy has a wealth of knowledge to share. Her TEDx Talk, How Building Vital Networks Can Break the Cycle of Poverty, is a testament to her inspiring energy as a speaker.

Her message is clear; Leverage the collective to empower every voice.

Kathy has delivered keynote speeches at business conferences and workshops across the country for audiences as large as 500+.

Her expertise in social responsibility, business leadership, and career development has changed the paradigm for organizations and communities for well over two decades.

Kathy is a natural at making meaningful connections with her audience. Her belief is passionate and precise – Anyone can be a changemaker. Individual success cannot exist without a strong bedrock of social support. Through compelling and humorous anecdotes, attendees are inspired to become agents of kindness, encouragement, love, and positivity to uplift the human spirit in their own sphere.

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Building Community Partnerships

Kathy fiercely champions a family-first culture to build a brighter tomorrow.

Watch her electrifying talk at the Community Services Summit in St. Charles County as her message resounds in every corner of the room – Helping children, parents, and families grow, change, and thrive across their lifespan, by igniting the power of community partnerships.

She shares the value of investing in child-focused and parent-focused programs to contribute to a society where healthy children meet their developmental milestones, and move forward as better-connected individuals; and healthy parents gain the economic mobility to cultivate strong connections with family.

Kathy’s talk is beautifully summarized by Henry Ford’s timeless quote, “Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Kathy is a 2021 FOCUS alumnus and is helping non-profits scale rapidly

Having had her own mettle tested very early in life, Kathy has a personal connection to her craft. She has emerged with a set of proven tools to combine faith with definite plans and self-discipline to assist over 25,000 families achieve their financial dreams. She is also a venerated figure in the business world, and has guided non-profits to strategically partner, scale, and grow, and receive a demonstrated return on investment.

In 2021, Kathy was awarded the Legacy Alumni Award by FOCUS St. Louis. FOCUS alumni are leaders who seek to understand the challenges of their communities, build networks and work toward solutions. She also received the Volunteer Service Award from President Obama in 2013.

“Brad and Kathy are authentic, visionary leaders with the desire to fully support the growth of the nonprofit sector.”

– Professional Coach

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Organizations ready for an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced professional ready to move their colleagues forward.

Conferences looking for a powerful keynote or event speaker that can engage and inspire conference attendees.

Workshops seeking knowledgeable, real world solutions to motivate participants.

“State government collaborations with nonprofits are essential to reaching both organizations common goals.”

John Ginwright
Dept. of Social Services Division Deputy Director