Corporate giving in 2022 was $20 Billion!

WOW! That money is going to nonprofits somewhere—why not yours?!

If your nonprofit isn’t prioritizing corporate philanthropy, now is an excellent time to start! But what exactly IS corporate philanthropy?

Corporate philanthropy is when a business supports its community through giving programs. This can include:

Financial Support or In-Kind Gifts 🌟 The most classic way for corporations to support nonprofits – giving monetary or in-kind gifts.

Volunteer Time and Volunteer Grants 🌟 Many corporations give employees paid-release time to volunteer – AND will make a donation per hour volunteered by employees. Imagine the impact those volunteer hours could have!

Employee Matching Gift Programs 🌟 Some businesses match their employees’ donations – they may give the same (or even double or triple) the amount of money to the nonprofits their employees support.

The best part: It’s not just good for the community – it’s also good for business!

By giving back, companies can:

✨ Create business value

✨ Foster employee engagement

✨ Create a positive public image

✨ Build strong relationships with customers and employees

✨ Create a positive work environment

Talk about a business case for corporate philanthropy – it’s a win-win!

Be sure to keep these positive impacts in mind as you approach potential corporate partners to demonstrate the mutual benefits of the partnership.

It’s crucial for your nonprofit to prioritize corporate philanthropy in your fundraising strategy.

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